Attention Seeking Behavior: There’s no such thing

You know what makes me crazy? (Can I work in mental health and use the word “crazy”? Doing it anyway.) The phrase “attention-seeking behavior”. Are you familiar with that song “Kill a Word”? Well, if I could kill a word, it would be this particular combination of them. We all know what people are talking […]
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I Cry, You Cry

Years ago, I read a book on the Rwandan genocide. I’ll never forget one scene in particular. The journalist who wrote the book was visiting a village. He was with his group and his guide when he heard a scream from a woman coming from the nearby village. The first scream was followed by a […]
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Depression Vs. Grief

There are a few buzz words in the mental health world and I think “depression” is one of them. I hear it from my teens, adults, the parents I work with, and passed along from the mental health workers in the schools. Everyone is depressed it seems. But I have to ask my clients, “Are […]
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Brokenness is Not Beautiful

I’ve heard people try and spin brokenness into something beautiful, I just can’t agree. I get the point of it. We’re putting a positive spin on something ugly. But no, brokenness is not beautiful. Brokenness is what makes us doubt ourselves, our worth, our relationships, our everything. It’s what makes us cry ourselves to sleep […]
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Two hands holding another's hand in sign of support

Ands and Buts

Let me tell you a little story… Once upon a time there was a girl named Sally. Sally was small and blonde and full of spunk. And Sally loved adventures with her favorite dog Chuck. One day, the dynamic duo found an enchanted forest full of wonder. And in that forest, the trees whispered stories […]
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All Behavior is Communication

All Behavior is Communication You see a child across the room, crossing their ankles, wiggling, and you know just by seeing how they’re acting, they have to go to the bathroom. A little one is napping on the couch and it says, “I’m tired.” A child holding his or her knee after falling off the […]
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