Defense Mechanisms: An Introduction to When/Why We Use Them

We are starting a blog series that talks about defense mechanisms, or the ways in which we try to protect ourselves from fear or pain. However, before we dive into the different defense mechanisms, it is important to look at how we get there in the first place. This is where the nervous system comes […]
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The New Year: Reflection Before Resolution

New Years has become known as a time for resolutions, which is great (when they actually happen). So often, however, life gets in the way. This year instead of shaming yourself into change, I want to invite you into a different approach: reflection. Let me be clear, reflection is not about judgement. When we are […]
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Emotionally Preparing for the Holidays

  Although the holiday season has been called “the most wonderful time of the year” by some, for many of us it can feel like quite the opposite. Emotions and stress can be high as we engage in the season, leaving us vulnerable to triggers and overwhelm.  If you are feeling any of these things, […]
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A Better Way to Breathe- The Benefits of Nasal Breathing

A Better Way to Breathe- The Benefits of Nasal Breathing Breathing- it’s something we do every day yet rarely think about. Many of us have never been formally taught how to breathe, nor do we think it is very important. Breathing is breathing, right? Surprisingly, that is far from the truth. The way in which […]
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Supporting Children and Teens with Mental Health Concerns

Supporting children and teens with mental health concerns can feel like a tremendously daunting task. Nothing is quite like the sense of powerlessness that comes with watching your child struggle and not having a road map for what supporting them should look like. There’s no question that children and teens today are facing new challenges […]
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Q & A for our Upcoming Breath and Movement Group

Why would this group be relevant to me? Stress, anxiety, and depression may be at an all time high right now. For many of us, past coping skills just don’t seem to be working quite as well as they used to. This group is specifically designed to help us build the capacity and tools we […]
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