I cringe as I say and write the word, LIMITATIONS. We live in a culture that frowns upon boundaries, saying no, and “weakness”. We continue to add more to our to-do lists and fear not measuring up or failure, so we say “yes”, we keep busy. Many of us growing up were told we could […]
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The Never Enough Problem

Having lived in Colorado most of my life, an observation I have made is that “Denverites” are often transient people. We move quickly from one thing to the next. We seek out the new hip coffee shop or the popular brewery around the corner. We spend large amounts of money on new ski-wear and attempt […]
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The Practice of Gratitude

Ten years ago, after my older sister had died in a car accident, I received a package in the mail from a friend. I was beaten down with grief, feeling hopeless and confused as to how to navigate the sorrow. To my surprise, when I opened the box, I read the title of a book: […]
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The Body Remembers

For years the traditional style of “talk therapy” has been around. People have come to counseling hoping to process through their experiences, having a place to feel and tend to their wounds through story. So often, when things are given the space to be said out loud in the presence of a compassionate ear, healing […]
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Emotional Health

  As COVID restrictions are lifting it seems people are left with the question of how now to navigate life when things are “getting back to normal” yet everything has changed. People are wondering how they re-integrate with friends after becoming used to the isolation, some are questioning how to be vulnerable and share about […]
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