Using Music To Regulate

With music being as popular as it is for a source of regulating or supporting us in coping through emotions, I wanted to highlight a few ways that it can be helpful for us. Often we can feel the difference that playing a song has on us, such as giving us a release of emotion […]
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Sublimation: Is it a Cognitive Distortion, or an Adaptable Strength?

In our series of cognitive distortions, sublimation is one type of distortion that at first appearance does not seem like a negative ‘distortion’. Sublimation is, in essence, turning something that is perceived as a weakness or inappropriate to the society/culture, into something that is good and acceptable. It is adaptable as somewhat of a strength, […]
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Parental Resources

It is not unusual for parents to experience challenging behaviors that their child has and not know how to communicate to meet that need or resolve the conflict without finding it turns into a power struggle. Often we know it is a power struggle because it’s coming across that either your child is ‘winning’ or […]
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Transitioning into a new year tends to bring desire for change. While culturally some of those transitions are defined by New Years Resolutions, some of those changes might include a move, redefining boundaries with friendships or family, a job change, etc. Transitions can bring up a mixture of emotions and thoughts. During these transitions, we […]
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