Group Class: Breath + Movement


Learn nervous system regulation through breath and movement.


We are so excited to be able to offer this course! This class has been specifically designed to help you cultivate a sense of peace and calm in the midst of stressful circumstances.

Using breath and movement, we will provide you with practical and useful resources to manage daily stress and anxiety.

Session 1: During this class, we will focus on the theory and science behind nervous system regulation. 

Sessions 2 – 5: During these classes, we will utilize various breathing/mindfulness techniques, then move into stretching and movement exercises, and finish with a discussion around how we can utilize these skills in our everyday lives.

This class is great for beginners, no prior experience with yoga or breath work is necessary!

The Details:

  • Next class starting Fall ’22!

**Covid-19 Disclaimer: We will continue monitoring the status and risk of Covid-19. At this time we are following CDC recommendations. Social distancing and sanitizing practices will be in place. Space is limited.    

"This group was so helpful! I learned about the stages the nervous system goes through and the breath work that can go specifically with each stage. I was also really grateful for being able to try intro yoga movements for the first time without feeling intimidated about the names or positions. This was a safe, inclusive, and welcoming place to learn breath and moment."
Past Breath + Movement Participant

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