"If you're willing to pay attention to and dialogue with what's happening inside of you, you'll find that your body already knows the answers about how to live a full, present, connected, and healthy life."

Group and Individual Sessions

Group Classes


Learn nervous system regulation through breath and movement in a group of people with similar goals.


Breath and movement is a practice. It’s when you begin to incorporate these concepts into your life on a regular basis that you begin to see its benefits. So whether you’re just starting your journey into mindfulness, breath work, and movement, or you’re seasoned in the practice and benefit from carving out the time for the practice with people with a similar mindset, this class is for you. 

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Individual Sessions


Work one-on-one with Christina to incorporate breath and movement into your personal healing journey.


We know the body stores our experiences. Our body holds excitement along with trauma, stress, and worry, and we all need ways to release this tension. For some, breath and movement can bring up emotional and somatic experiences connected to past and present wounds. Depending on where you are in your healing journey, individual session may be a better fit for your needs. 

Christina is able to incorporate breath and movement along with psychotherapy to create a dynamic space that is personalized to you, your experiences, and your history.

Christina is able to work with individuals at any stage of practice. 

Reach out at any time to schedule individual sessions. 



"This group was so helpful! I learned about the stages the nervous system goes through and the breath work that can go specifically with each stage. I was also really grateful for being able to try intro yoga movements for the first time without feeling intimidated about the names or positions. This was a safe, inclusive, and welcoming place to learn breath and moment."
Past Breath + Movement Participant

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