Ambiguous Loss and Grief

Grief and loss are part of life, but how we recognize and experience loss and how we work with grief can vary differently depending on our cultures, belief systems, the type of loss, and more. Many of us recognize loss only as something concrete, the death of a mother, a father, a child, and so […]
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The Practice of Gratitude

Ten years ago, after my older sister had died in a car accident, I received a package in the mail from a friend. I was beaten down with grief, feeling hopeless and confused as to how to navigate the sorrow. To my surprise, when I opened the box, I read the title of a book: […]
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Mother’s Day and Difficult Emotions

Motherhood is a big deal. It’s a tall order when you think about it. As a mom, you’re the first person your baby attaches to. A baby knows the sound of his or her mother’s voice while still in the womb. Infants like to be rocked at the same pace as their mother’s heartbeat. Babies […]
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