Defense Mechanisms: An Introduction to When/Why We Use Them

We are starting a blog series that talks about defense mechanisms, or the ways in which we try to protect ourselves from fear or pain. However, before we dive into the different defense mechanisms, it is important to look at how we get there in the first place. This is where the nervous system comes […]
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Parental Resources

It is not unusual for parents to experience challenging behaviors that their child has and not know how to communicate to meet that need or resolve the conflict without finding it turns into a power struggle. Often we know it is a power struggle because it’s coming across that either your child is ‘winning’ or […]
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The Never Enough Problem

Having lived in Colorado most of my life, an observation I have made is that “Denverites” are often transient people. We move quickly from one thing to the next. We seek out the new hip coffee shop or the popular brewery around the corner. We spend large amounts of money on new ski-wear and attempt […]
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The Importance of Perspective Taking

I saved a life. I am in no way referencing mental health, here. I gave my boyfriend the Heimlich maneuver and SAVED HIS LIFE. And you know what struck me? No one clapped. No one (other than our table of friends) said or did anything. The waitress even walked away while it was all happening. […]
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