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Couples Counseling

Are you ready to take your relationship to a new place?

That may mean preparing for or navigating a new phase in your relationship, or that may mean working to heal something that's been broken.

At Restoration Hope, we want to provide you and your significant other with a safe space to set goals, understand one another, and to connect in a new way. Through the Prepare and Enrich program, which has been the leading assessment tool for relationships for over 35 years, we can guide you through the assessment of your relationship. These insites , which provides insights to what is working and what is presenting challenges in your relationship.

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1 Free 20-minute Consultation

At Restoration Hope, it’s important to us that everyone finds their best fit. You have the option of an in person, video, or phone consultation to make sure you feel comfortable and confident about moving forward. This is a time for your clinician to get a better understanding of what’s bringing you in, and a time for you to ask questions. 

2 Complete Prepare/Enrich Assessment

Prior to starting therapy, you and your significant other will fill out the Prepare/Enrich assessment. This is done online through Prepare/Enrich. There is an additional fee to complete the assessment. 

3 Review Results with Clinician

The assessment provides your clinician with extensive information for married and remarried couples in 12 relationship categories. This helps provide personalize insights into relationship dynamics, commitment levels, personality, family systems, and more.

4 Get to Work

Once you have the assessment completed, work with your clinician to strengthen what’s working well and to examine, process, and develop tools to improve and/or repair where there are challenges. 



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