It’s officially Christmas season, everyone! I, for one, am excited about the holiday season.

For me, Christmas has always brought with it a sense of joy. I love that feeling of wonder and excitement. I love the lights and the carols. I love cocoa and mulled wine and all of the get-togethers that come with the season. You know what else I love? Presents! Yes, I LOVE that with Christmas comes gift giving. We very often hear how materialistic the holiday is an it’s honestly a huge frustration for me. Saying that it’s materialistic makes gift giving feel dirty and wrong and I HATE that.

Gift giving is a way of showing our love toward another person. It’s a way of saying, “Hey, I see you, I know what makes you tick, and it gives me joy to brighten your life a little.” Gift giving promotes generosity. And I think it’s so important for kids to learn the joy of giving.

I recently learned that at kid birthday parties, there isn’t a time for opening gifts…what? I remember putting in the work to pick something I thought my friend would love. I remember the excitement of them opening the gift and seeing their face. I remember once being so excited to give the birthday girl a 101 Dalmatians book with the audio buttons that I told her what I got her before she opened her presents! I was bursting at the seams! Gifting giving is special.

I love making my loved ones feel special through gifts. When you think of all of the gifts being exchanged this season, think of it as passing love from one to another—there is so much love to be shared this season and it warms my heart.

This Christmas season, I hope we can all step away from the accusations and defensiveness that comes with the holiday. I want everyone to enjoy their holiday however they like to celebrate. Weather you are a Santa family, a baby Jesus family, a menorah family, or a happy holidays type family, enjoy this season. I hope you all give and receive love in a way that touches your heart.

You can feel it as the seasons change and the days get shorter, Christmas is coming. Let the season be wonderful. Find the joy, grieve the ones you miss, and spread the love.



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