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Upcoming Groups at Restoration Hope

Groups can be incredibly helpful when it comes to growth and healing. Groups provide space for people to process in a different way than what individual counseling allows. Group members can relate to one another based on a shared experience, which is what creates connection. Groups are also helpful in normalizing many experiences related to mental health. Often, with mental health challenges, we can feel like we're the only one, when in reality, there are many who relate. See what's coming at Restoration Hope below.
October 5th - November 9th @12pm

Rest + Rejuvenate

This group is all about VACATION!

Not a grand, expensive, dig your toes in the sand vacation (although that would be nice as well), but rather frequent, daily mini-vacations for your nervous system that allow you to manage day-to-day stressors in a restful and sustainable manner.

This group has been specifically designed to help you cultivate a sense of peace and calm in the midst of stressful circumstances and build your confidence to manage whatever comes your way.

What we will be doing:

Learning about and practicing regulatory breath work.
Learning about your nervous system and how to determine what it needs and when.
Increasing emotional agility through grounding and coping skills.
This group is great for beginners, no prior experience with breath work is necessary!

**Open to all ages and genders.
October 6th - November 17th @ 4:30pm

Teens and Peer Relationships

Many adolescents experience challenges in interpersonal relationships. Often times, those challenges are also paired with symptoms of depression, discouragement, and a discomfort with social situations. This group is designed to create a safe space for teens to understand their own interpersonal strengths and weaknesses along with the skills work to develop their capabilities.

During the 7-week group, members will discuss the following:

  • Complete an Interpersonal Skills Inventory.
  • Develop and Improve Interpersonal and Problem Solving Skills by utilizing Interpersonal Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.
  • Utilize a group setting to practice and skills, normalize experience of interpersonal challenges, and provide opportunity for connection.
Participants are not required to be diagnosed with a depressive disorder, but are experiencing depressive symptoms such as persistent feelings of sadness and/or worthlessness, a tendency to isolate, and/or a lack of desire to engage in formerly pleasurable activities. 

** Open to ages 14-16.
** Open to all genders.

We can't wait to hear from you!