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Upcoming Groups at Restoration Hope

Groups can be incredibly helpful when it comes to growth and healing. Groups provide space for people to process in a different way than what individual counseling allows. Group members can relate to one another based on a shared experience, which is what creates connection. Groups are also helpful in normalizing many experiences related to mental health. Often, with mental health challenges, we can feel like we're the only one, when in reality, there are many who relate. See what's coming at Restoration Hope below.

Breath and Movement Classes

"If you're willing to pay attention to and dialogue with what's happening inside of you, you'll find that your body already knows the answers about how to live a full, present, connected, and healthy life."

Are these classes right for you?

Are you having a difficult time trusting yourself and being confident in your ability to know what’s best for you and/or your loved ones? Has life caused you to second guess who you are and what you’re capable of? Do you feel disconnected from your body and emotion at times? Are you looking to heal the relationship between your brain and body, focus on embodied living, and learn how to trust yourself again? If so, these classes are designed with you in mind.

Take time to reconnect with yourself and find the inner peace you need regardless of what circumstances you find yourself in. It’s a process that takes practice, these classes are one piece of your journey and we want to give you tools to help you grow in the embodiment and self-trust you desire. 

Take a moment, breathe deeply, and imagine a world where you know that despite it all, you can rest in the security that you are okay. A world where your brain and body feel connected, and where you trust yourself to do the next right thing for yourself. 

May 3rd - May 31st @ 12pm

Breathwork Online

Take your lunch break with us as we pause for 30-minutes each Wednesday in May to slow down and breathe.

"If I could sum up all my years of clinical training and research in one statement, it would be this: We heal when we can be with what we feel."

The Details:

  • Every Wednesday in May.
  • 30-minute Online Course
  • Learn and practice various breathing techniques.
  • Practice body awareness and emotional agility.
  • Learn to access an internal sense of peace despite circumstances.
  • Connect to others on a similar journey.
  • Cost: $200 for 5 sessions.

About the Instructor:

Christina Cooley is a licensed professional counselor, certified performance breathing coach, and yoga instructor who is passionate about mind-body health. 


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