It’s an interesting time of year. Yes, I know the song says it’s the most wonderful time of year, but is it? Yes, it can be wonderful AND it can be really difficult. I think the holidays have a way of intensifying whatever is going on in our lives. Are you happy and in love? Oh, the romance of the season—the lights, the snow, being bundled up with your loved one. Are you so very single, burnt out on dating, and convinced that if you see one more Hallmark Christmas movie commercial you might actually lose it? Or how about this one: are you infertile? At this time of year, nothing means more than family, yet here you are, unable to grow yours. Every Kleenex commercial, family get together, and every Christmas card of smiling families breaks your heart just a little bit more.

We often talk about the joy of the season, but I think the sorrow of the season needs a little recognition too. It’s so hard to wear the mask of “merry and bright” when how you really feel is hopeless and crushed.  

In this blog series, Jenna Orosco LPC, talks about infertility. As Jenna puts it, she’s “a card carrying member of the Infertility Club”. She gets it on a personal level. And when she was struggling with her own infertility, she was shocked by how few counselors specialized in the matter. She made a point to change that for other women and couples. She specializes in counseling individuals and couples struggling with fertility and family planning and what that can look like through assisted reproduction techniques, adoption, and more. Jenna offers not only insight into the lives of families struggling with infertility but also offers real guidance on what to do next, how to find a counselor, and how you know if you need counseling. Jenna owns Resolve Counseling, LLC in Longmont, CO. She’s a great counselor who can talk about real stuff in a real way.

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