Learn about your food, body, and environment.

Nutrition: 101

Take this 4-week course either as an individual, a family, or a group and learn about how to make the most of your health. Learn how to make the best decisions based for you and your body.

Week 1

What is nutrition? Let’s start with the basics–why is it important and what does it look like in our everyday life? 

Week 2

How do you design a healthy diet for yourself? There are a lot of trends, but learning what’s best for your own body and functioning is important. We’ll talk about macros and micros. We’ll talk about what to look for when you’re at the grocery store. Lastly, this week, we’ll talk about different types of diets, including the fads and what you need to know. 

Week 3

This week is all about functional nutrition. Let’s talk about “the gut”, what that means, and why it’s important. We’ll also talk about endocrine disruptors, which can be a little shocking, and optimizing our diet to keep our hormones in check. 

Week 4

Let’s talk about intuitive eating and making peace with your food. Food and your relationship with food can carry a lot of emotion. It’s important to feel like you’re in control. Your health is optimized when you take a holistic approach, so we’ll also talk about alternative approaches to feeling your best. 

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who simply wants to learn how to better their health. Often times families or friends are on the same path in regard to health. We tend to share our goals with those we’re closest to. This class is designed with that in mind. This class is not intended to treat any conditions you might have but is intended to teach you about your food and body and how to optimize your health. It’s a great option for young adults learning to care for themselves, high school seniors who are about to be on their own, or families who are simply wanting to make a change and set a healthy example for their kids. Get the kids involved and get them excited about their health at a young age. With learning comes growth. 

How Much does it Cost?

The 4-week course is $500. The cost is the same whether you are an individual, a family, or a group of friends. You can split the cost amongst each other. When it comes to health goals, people are more successful when it’s done within community, so we want you to invite your people to join you in your health journey. 

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