Have you ever had a day where you just know, it’s going to be one of those days? (those months, or even those years… ;p) I have them ALL. THE. TIME. Fun fact: it is OKAY to have an off day.

I’m going to rabbit hole here for one second: I know, I might sound like a broken record and often give permission to have uncomfortable feelings, and as repetitive as it may be – I will continue to do so. We are often so quick to give others grace in their short comings, and forget to do so for ourselves. I am here to be that consistent and constant reminder for you- It is OKAY to have feelings. It is OKAY to have an off day. It is OKAY to be – human.

In full disclosure, yesterday was one of those days for me. I literally (yes, literally) spilled THREE cups of coffee (I don’t know how it happened), broke one of my favorite shoes (the sole tore off – don’t know how that happened either), AND I missed my exit off the high way, resulting in a 10 minute detour and conversation with myself trying to find my way back to my destination (I’m actually terrible with directions – so this may have been a me issue). ALL within a two hour time period. Yesterday was one of those days. Yesterday was a day I could laugh it off. However, sometimes one of those days are not laughable. They are frustrating – to say the least – and can often affect the rest of the day.

Those are the days where we wish we could just press a restart button to refresh and have a second chance to start the day. I have definitely been there. If you are able – give yourself permission to validate your frustration and move forward with a mental restart – whether that be taking a deep breath and telling yourself that you are going to start fresh, talking it through with a trusted friend or loved one, taking a quick walk to refresh your mind, looking at funny memes or videos, or starting a different project. Sometimes it is literally YELLING into the universe, NOT TODAY! Do what you need to do to refresh your mind and start over.

Life is going to happen. What does it look like for you to move forward, roll with the punches, and refresh?

The information contained herein is not therapeutic advice nor asubstitute for therapy. It should not be used to diagnose or treat any mentalhealth problem. If you are located within the United States and you needemergency assistance please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Ifyou are located within Coloradoyou may also call the Colorado Crisis Line at 844-493-TALK (8255).

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