Pricing and Insurance

Out of Pocket Pricing

  • Counseling: $145 
  • Neurofeedback Initial Brain Map (qEEG): $500 (not covered by insurance). 
  • Neurofeedback Training: Packages Offered. 
    • Training sessions range from $80-$125.
  • Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP): $350
  • Breath and Movement Classes: please inquire.

Insurance Carriers

  • Cigna 
  • Optum Behavioral Health (United, UMR). 
  • Colorado Community Health Alliance 
  • Colorado Access
  • We can also offer a superbill for out of network reimbursement.
  • **Not all carriers cover neurofeedback. Please inquire for more details.

Good Faith Estimate

In January 2023, the “No Surprise Billing Act” went into effect in the state of Colorado. As a consumer, you are protected from out-of-network surprise billing. You have the right to request a “Good Faith Estimate” from your medical provider. This is a non-binding estimate; however, the estimate must be within $400 of the actual cost of services. If there is more than a $400 difference, the consumer has the right to dispute the charges. This is the case for all healthcare providers including, but not limited to, mental health care, primary care, and emergency services. This new act protects the consumer in a number of ways. Read more and understand your rights ​here


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