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What is it?

At the core, functional nutrition is about getting to the root cause of your health issues to see how they can be solved by focusing more on the patient rather than the disease itself. The human body is a complex system and how your body is functioning has a huge impact on your daily life–from how your joints feel, to sports performance, to cramping during your monthly cycle, and even your mental health. Did you know 90% of your serotonin is produced in your gut? Or that the gut is often referred to as “the second brain”? With functional nutrition, we look at blood testing, gut health, food sensitivities, and more to address the symptoms you’re experiencing. Just because your bloodwork comes back “normal”, it doesn’t mean it’s in a healthy range, but that can change and we can help.

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Could Functional Nutrition be Beneficial to You or Your Loved One?

There are many signs that function nutrition could be helpful–some signs you might not even consider. Yes, gas and bloating, the regularity of your digestions are all indicators that somethings going on, but so is chronic fatigue, brain fog, not being able to lose weight, children who struggle with behaviors and attention, and hair loss (or maybe extra hair that you really don’t want). Are you convinced exercise doesn’t actually work? Do you feel completely drained after a workout, but you keep doing it because that’s the way to lose weight? Do you feel unable to manage your anxiety when you’ve always been able to? Have you been on antibiotics many times or for an extended length of time? Do you have acne? Are you sleeping poorly? It all matters, and no, it’s not normal, but we can help.

What does the process look like?

The Consultation

During the consultation, Maggie is going work to get an understanding of why you’re coming in, the symptoms that made you reach out, and gather information about your history. All of that information will help her screen for possible systemic causes. 

The Intake

After that consultation, Maggie may recommend continuing with the full intake. She’ll ask for recent blood work and have you fill out an assessment, looking at symptoms and history. This is a more in depth conversation and she explores possible root causes to your symptoms. After the appointment, she will review blood work and develop a plan. The plan may be strictly changes it diet, or it may incorporate supplements.

Follow Up Appointments

During the first follow-up appointment, Maggie will help you understand your protocol and the reasons behind it. Follow up appointments will be scheduled based on your needs. Subsequent follow up appointments will help Maggie monitor changes in symptoms and adjust your protocol as needed. The protocol will be detailed and take away any guess work on your end. If you need meal plan ideas, she can help with that. Needing a pantry makeover? She can do that too. Need someone to understand changing your eating habits is an emotion process? She gets that too. Maggie is here to support you, encourage you, and to go at your pace. 


Common Conditions We Treat (but are not limited to):

If you’re not feeling your best, feeling frustrated over not getting results despites your best efforts, or feel like your ready to make optimizing your health a priority, we’re here to help. Our physical health impacts our functioning from infancy through adulthood and we’re here to walk with you through whichever stage of life you’re in. Reach out today to continue on your journey to better health. 



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