Being a parent is hard. Really, really hard.

And sometimes Mom and Dad are at a loss. How many hours of sleep have you lost? Do you feel like you’re failing your child? Do you day-dream about going on vacation and leaving one of the kids at home? Or maybe you want to leave the entire crew at home. Do you ever regret your decision to adopt your child? Are you the mom who no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to have the same relationship with your child that he or she has with your spouse? Have you ever considered an out-of-home placement? You are not alone.

You do not need to feel shame over any of the emotions, thoughts, or words that have escaped in front of your child – what you need is support. Sometimes other parents don’t get it, especially if their child is typically developing and yours isn’t. Sometimes your other kids won’t get it either, or maybe your spouse doesn’t seem to get it.

We’re here to help, either with parenting strategies, understanding your child and the impact of their trauma, or simply giving you safe space to be honest with your struggle.


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