Supporting Children and Teens with Mental Health Concerns

Supporting children and teens with mental health concerns can feel like a tremendously daunting task. Nothing is quite like the sense of powerlessness that comes with watching your child struggle and not having a road map for what supporting them should look like. There’s no question that children and teens today are facing new challenges […]
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To all the tired and weary ones

To all the tired and weary ones, Sometimes life can become so overwhelming, you just go numb. Those sunny, warm spring days with the windows down, music on, and the mountains in sight don’t do anything for you anymore. You sit—blank faced. Not happy, not sad, not mad. Numb. It’s not depression because it’s not […]
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Rupture–Repair: The dance of attachment

30%. That’s it. That’s the rate for accurately attuned mother’s and infants with a secure attachment style. There’s a really important concept in attachment theory—it’s called attunement. It’s when a mother sees distress in her baby and knows if it’s an angry cry, a hungry cry, or a “pay attention to me, I’m lonely” cry. […]
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THE golden RATIO

The Golden Ratio. And we’re not talking about peanut butter and jelly.  We’re talking about positive to negative interactions.  Every interaction – Every statement – Every tone – makes an enormous impact on your child. 6:1. 6 positive interactions to every 1 negative interaction. It seems like a lot. And after practice and awareness, you […]
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