Using Music To Regulate

With music being as popular as it is for a source of regulating or supporting us in coping through emotions, I wanted to highlight a few ways that it can be helpful for us. Often we can feel the difference that playing a song has on us, such as giving us a release of emotion […]
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Breath: The Simple & Powerful Key to Well-Being

Breathing- We do it every day and we know it is essential, but when was the last time you really thought about your breath?  While yoga and mindfulness have increased the popularity of focused breath work, it can be easy to miss how profound and accessible this work actually is.  Let’s talk about some of […]
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BIG emotions & Learning Together

Learning Together Appropriate Responses to those BIG Emotions. Understanding and identifying emotions is hard for kiddos and, dare I say it, adults.  As adults we want to think we have it all together. And I’m here to say NOPE. We can do our very best, but we’re always learning, messing up, and moving forward.  This […]
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Being a Parent in RELATION to your Child

Being a parent goes beyond all preconceived expectations.  And it is far more than just “parenting”.  It is a relationship.  When we are able to look at this as a two sided relationship, it takes off a little pressure.  About a year ago, I went to a training on attachment in play therapy – I […]
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