The Great Paradox of Long-Term Romantic Relationships

“I’m just not sexually attracted to my partner anymore.” Has someone said this to you? Has someone said this about you? Have you said this?  Hurtful- yes; Honest- yes; Hopeless- no You may be surprised to hear that this is a very common sentiment and actually makes a lot of sense when you begin to break […]
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Don’t Let Your Feelings Create Your Reality

This may be hard to believe but just because you are feeling something, does not mean that it is a fact.  While objectively many of us recognize that feelings ≠ facts, this common cognitive distortion (called emotional reasoning) tends to creep in and often shapes how we think about ourselves and the world.  So what […]
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Ambiguous Loss and Grief

Grief and loss are part of life, but how we recognize and experience loss and how we work with grief can vary differently depending on our cultures, belief systems, the type of loss, and more. Many of us recognize loss only as something concrete, the death of a mother, a father, a child, and so […]
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Over-Generalizations Within Cognitive Distortions

Over-Generalizations Over-generalizations are one type of cognitive distortion that can impact mental health and well-being. What are they? Over-generalizations are, in essence, making assumptions about something that we do not really have enough evidence or knowledge about. Often it is a sweeping statement about things that might not be fair to assume (Martin, R., 2019). […]
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Using Music To Regulate

With music being as popular as it is for a source of regulating or supporting us in coping through emotions, I wanted to highlight a few ways that it can be helpful for us. Often we can feel the difference that playing a song has on us, such as giving us a release of emotion […]
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Supporting Children and Teens with Mental Health Concerns

Supporting children and teens with mental health concerns can feel like a tremendously daunting task. Nothing is quite like the sense of powerlessness that comes with watching your child struggle and not having a road map for what supporting them should look like. There’s no question that children and teens today are facing new challenges […]
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