Addressing behaviors is not the same thing as treating trauma

It happened again, the meltdown over homework. But I don’t just mean tears and whining, I mean a fit to end all fits. The screams pierce your ears, things are being thrown, the book is being torn. The snack you offered is now all over your shirt. It’s one thing when a three-year-old has a […]
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Quit watering your kids’ grapes

No, listen, that’s not gibberish. I was recently in Napa and while I was there, not only did I learn how they make sparkling wine using the same method as those in Champagne, France but I also learned about how it’s important to not water grapes. It may not be true for all vineyards, but […]
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Helping Kids with Behaviors: Part 4

Co-regulation The say the eyes are the window to the soul, but I’d have to say they’re the mirror. Ever heard of mirror neurons? They’re interesting little guys. I’ve heard there are a few versions of the story of how they discovered these neurons, but basically, they were studying monkeys and their brain activity. During […]
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Helping Kids with Behaviors: Part 1

Playful REDIRECTIONs One of the biggest reasons kids end up in counseling is because of fits. The knock-down, blow-out fit that takes parents, teachers, and caregivers by surprise. Because one minute they’re fine and the next, well…they’re not. They’ve flipped the switch. Nothing’s getting through and everyone is hanging on for dear life. Fits derail […]
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