What is Play Therapy (1 of 3): The Role of the Therapist

During consultations or intakes with a parent(s) for their children, I often get the following two questions: what is play therapy, and what will play therapy offer my child? These are great questions, and I hope this short blog series on play therapy provides the answers. Children are in a developmental stage where they are […]
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The Power of Play

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!! Play is powerful! It’s good for babies, tots, teens, and adults. We all need play in our lives! And there are many different types of play: structured play, therapeutic play, FREE play, and rough and tumble play! It’s all important. Some play, like coloring or making jewelry, teaches fine motor […]
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Being a Parent in RELATION to your Child

Being a parent goes beyond all preconceived expectations.  And it is far more than just “parenting”.  It is a relationship.  When we are able to look at this as a two sided relationship, it takes off a little pressure.  About a year ago, I went to a training on attachment in play therapy – I […]
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