Three Tips and Tricks for Cultivating Peace in the Holiday Season!

The holidays are notorious for heightened emotions and this year it seems to be compounded by COVID-19 and increased political tension. Whatever you are experiencing during this season, it is my hope that you will find these simple yet effective tips and tricks helpful if you start to feel overwhelmed. 1. Writing: A Secret Key […]
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MOVE Your Way Through Stress

It’s easy to think about how our mood affects our movement. Maybe you have a hard time sitting still when you are feeling anxious or you find it difficult to move at all when you are depressed?  But let’s talk about the reverse- moving your body can also change your emotional state! If you are […]
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Grief + Loss and How It Might Help Explain Your Current Emotional State

Recently, I have been bombarded with a number of people expressing how difficult it has been to concentrate lately. Frankly, I have felt it too. Simple tasks seem to have taken on a new weightiness, brain fog complicates normal to-do lists, and making decisions can feel excruciatingly difficult.  You may be surprised to find out […]
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Quit watering your kids’ grapes

No, listen, that’s not gibberish. I was recently in Napa and while I was there, not only did I learn how they make sparkling wine using the same method as those in Champagne, France but I also learned about how it’s important to not water grapes. It may not be true for all vineyards, but […]
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To all the tired and weary ones

To all the tired and weary ones, Sometimes life can become so overwhelming, you just go numb. Those sunny, warm spring days with the windows down, music on, and the mountains in sight don’t do anything for you anymore. You sit—blank faced. Not happy, not sad, not mad. Numb. It’s not depression because it’s not […]
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