How Social Media is Training Our Youth

Regardless of which generation you’re from, most people are familiar with social media. It’s morphed over the years, but the idea is the same—be seen and connect with others. Social media can be great. I’ve been able to keep in touch with people from years ago. I love seeing old roommates, friends, coworkers, and family […]
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Supporting Children and Teens with Mental Health Concerns

Supporting children and teens with mental health concerns can feel like a tremendously daunting task. Nothing is quite like the sense of powerlessness that comes with watching your child struggle and not having a road map for what supporting them should look like. There’s no question that children and teens today are facing new challenges […]
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Helping Kids with Behaviors: Part 3

Re-dos Did your mother have a phrase she used when you were a kid that has become engrained in you? The phrase that comes to my mind literally makes my skin crawl. “I don’t know who you think you’re talking to…”. I just shivered. While maybe I wouldn’t go with the same phrasing, I do […]
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The Burden of Guilt

Today I went for a run and I saw a mom and daughter running around the reservoir. We were going opposite directions so we passed each other twice. The first time I saw them, the little girl who was probably 10 or 11 was NOT into it. Her mom was, though, coaching her to take […]
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The Power of Play

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!! Play is powerful! It’s good for babies, tots, teens, and adults. We all need play in our lives! And there are many different types of play: structured play, therapeutic play, FREE play, and rough and tumble play! It’s all important. Some play, like coloring or making jewelry, teaches fine motor […]
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What’s typical in teens

To all the parents who think their teen has absolutely lost it, Before we go on, I NEVER want to minimize the struggles teens are going through these days. The fact is they live in a very different world than any generation that came before them. I think there are a lot of factors contributing […]
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