The holidays are notorious for heightened emotions and this year it seems to be compounded by COVID-19 and increased political tension. Whatever you are experiencing during this season, it is my hope that you will find these simple yet effective tips and tricks helpful if you start to feel overwhelmed.

1. Writing: A Secret Key to Mental Health 

There is something cathartic and healing about creating narrative and putting language to our experience. While there are many ways to do this, writing/ journaling is one of the simplest and most accessible. Putting our thoughts on paper can build awareness AND release emotions. 

2. Remember to Move your Body

With the weather getting colder, it can sometimes be harder to motivate yourself to walk, run, work out, etc. Although this is understandable, your body’s need for movement does not change just because it is snowing out. Exercise (even in the smallest doses) is extremely beneficial for mental health and can be essential in helping you to process and cope with stressors. Whether it’s a dance party in the kitchen or a long walk bundled in many jackets, take time to move your body. 

3. Use Humor to Keep Things in Perspective

Between shopping lists and increased interaction with the in laws, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by your situation and lose perspective. When you begin to feel this way, take some time to build humor in to your schedule. Whether it’s a well played meme, a video of a corgi running, or your favorite holiday comedy, a little laughter can go a long way to diffuse the tension.

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