Transitioning into a new year tends to bring desire for change. While culturally some of those transitions are defined by New Years Resolutions, some of those changes might include a move, redefining boundaries with friendships or family, a job change, etc. Transitions can bring up a mixture of emotions and thoughts. During these transitions, we might become aware of our positive responses, while also experiencing some negative. For example, we might think “I’ve got this,” but then some of the real-time challenges in the transitions come up and our human doubts or fears can creep in, such as, “This isn’t working out like I thought, maybe this wasn’t right…” While it is human of us to fluctuate and feel both sides of this (ambivalence is completely normal), I want to encourage (both myself) and others to embrace the waves of both. As we embrace changes, maybe holding space to feel and acknowledge our thoughts, and at the same time, being kind to ourselves amidst the natural bumps in change is what we need. I hope we can speak kindly to both responses that we experience and look forward to the growth that comes from learning a new way of doing or being and the shaping that enduring through changes can cause.

Perhaps some responses we can have to ride through those waves of ambivalence can look like acknowledging that something feels hard right now and that it is okay to feel that. For others it might be helpful to identify what supports might help through the change. Another aspect of kindness as we ride through it might look like engaging in self-care and planning fun things to look forward to each week. The highs and lows of transitions are both valuable in their own ways, and holding that space can be hard, but so good for us!


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